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Endophthalmitis is a serious eye infection that can cause blindness if not promptly diagnosed and appropriately treated.  The goals of this book are to provide the latest information about endophthalmitis and offer recommendations for diagnosis and treatment.

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Author: Durand, Miller & Young

Published: 1/04/2016

Edition: 1

Pages: 284


Each chapter is written by experts in the field with the practicing clinician in mind.  Several chapters focus on the major types of endophthalmitis such as postoperative, post-intravitreal injection, bleb-related, exogenous fungal, chronic, and endogenous endophthalmitis.  Other chapters describe endophthalmitis in special populations such as diabetic or immunocompromised hosts or those with a glaucoma drainage device, keratoprosthesis, or other artificial implant.


Also included are chapters that provide an overview of endophthalmitis as seen around the world, summarize current understanding of endophthalmitis pathogenesis, describe the latest microbiologic and molecular diagnostic techniques, and discuss emerging problems such as multidrug-resistant pathogens.  A final chapter offers recommendations for ways to prevent this devastating eye infection.


Table of Contents:

1.      The Pathogenesis of Bacterial Endophthalmitis

2.      Microbiologic Diagnosis in Endophthalmitis

3.      The Molecular Diagnosis of Endophthalmitis

4.      Acute-Onset Postoperative Endophthalmitis

5.      Chronic Endophthalmitis Masquerading as Uveitis

6.      Endophthalmitis After Intravitreal Injections

7.      Bleb-Related Endophthalmitis

8.      Post-traumatic Endophthalmitis

9.      Endogenous Endophthalmitis

10.  Exogenous Fungal Endophthalmitis

11.  Device-Related Endophthalmitis

12.  Endophthalmitis in Immunocompromised and Diabetic Patients

13.  Antibiotic Resistance in Endophthalmitis Pathogens

14.  Preventing Endophthalmitis


Edition:  1

Pages:  284

Product Type:  Hardcover



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Durand, Miller & Young

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