Ophthalmic Drug Facts

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Ophthalmic Drug Facts is the definitive single source of objective, up-to-date drug information for eye care professionals.

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Author: Bartlett

Published: 1/10/2013

Edition: 25

Pages: 508


Organized by therapeutic categories, detailed monographs include the drug information that practitioners need to make therapeutic decisions:  actions, indications, off-label uses, contraindications, warnings, precautions, interactions, adverse reactions, overdosage, patient information and administration and dosage.


Chapters Include:

1. Dosage Forms and Routes of Administration

2. Ophthalmic Dyes

3. Local Anesthetics

4. Mydriatics and Cycloplegics

5. Antiallergy and Decongestant Agents

6. Anti-inflammatory Agents

7. Artificial Tear Solutions and Ocular Lubricants

8. Anti-infective Agents

9. Ocular Hypotensive Agents

10. Hyperosmotic Agents

11. Surgical Adjuncts

12. Agents for Retinal Disease

13. Contact Lens Care

14. Miscellaneous Products

15. Extemporaneous Preparations

16. Systemic Drugs Affecting the Eye

17. Systemic Medications used for Ocular Conditions



  • More than 200 charts and tables
  • Rx and OTC designations
  • Administration illustrations
  • Manufacturer index
  • Drugs grouped by therapeutic classes

Edition:  25

Pages:  508

Product Type:  Soft Cover



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